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Horatio Hornblower Claims

Claim a Hornblower boy for your very own!

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This is a community for Horatio Hornblower fans who want to claim a Horation Hornblower character.
To claim, leave a post with the character you would like to claim. I'm only allow two claims for now, but depending on many people join, and how many characters I can think up I may allow for more.
I only listed characters from the miniseries because I just don't have time to go through all of the books and list all of the important characters from those. HOWEVER, if you would like a character from the book (ie. Barbara Wellesy) then just leave me a post of which characters you would like (again, up to TWO for now) and then all add them and you to the list.
"Character Listings" is the communities first post. You can find this post under the community's memories (the little heart shaped thing in the toolbar)
Also, if you would like me to make you an icon with your claimed character please leave a note in the post, or otherwise a comment later on that post. I'll try and make an image granted I can find a good picture of that character (like, a character like Admiral Hood may not be as easy to find a picture of as Lt. Bush)
Huzzah! and Enjoy!